About the Centre

The Newo Yotina Friendship Centre is located in Regina, Saskatchewan and has been incorporated since 2010.

Goals & Objectives


  • To redevelop the NYFC as an organization of integrity with leadership that meets community and individual needs;
  • To assist those individuals who need help in the areas of education, workforce preparation, life skills, and wellness. The NYFC will be an organization where people can come and receive help with whatever issues they face through either the provision of direct services or through referrals and advocacy;
  • To develop and deliver programs and services that assist Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples, living in an urban centre, in meeting their needs and to alleviate struggles in making the transition from rural to urban living; and
  • To provide a safe area for families to learn positive life skills, parenting skills, coping and anger management skills. In order to accomplish this goal the NYFC will foster the development of support groups to meet our client’s needs.
  • Assisting First Nations and Metis individuals and families in making a successful transition to life in an urban setting.


  • Creating a sense of community.
  • Representing urban First Nations and Metis people by providing a voice within the City of Regina.